Stills from Lively Matter (2013), a 5-screen video installation by Clayton Beugeling, Audrée-Maude Allard and myself I guess although I haven’t seen it I’m just the freak with the reputation for being down to dress up and get gross.

First I posed as a Virgin Mary with cute props in front of a green screen. Then Clayton and Audrée built an elaborate set of glitter and garbage and candles and dollar store confection around me while I got drunk and fell asleep. Then Audrée poured corn syrup on my head while I ate dirty grapefruit and raw meat and Clayton filmed.

The rats got their whiskers burned on candles scurrying around me in the dirt we’re still friends though. I guess this film gets to join the ranks of not being able to say no animals were hurt in the making along with pink flamingoes lol.

Then I had a bath in the university bathroom sink and made a huge mess. 

It was fun actually.

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